Design Build : PNG brought architecture students from Australia and PNG together with the villagers of Labu-tale to design and build a small health centre. The brief was developed through focus groups and presentations, and the building constructed over six weeks.

At a farewell dinner Aunty Hinahaya thanked us for spending Christmas with them and teaching their children English, and Uncle Matthew told us that seeing the way these 'two young girls' (meaning Rosemary and I) had developed the project had caused him to re-evaluate the potential of women in his own community. The participating students have gone on to varied and successful careers. The project won an international architecture award.

Despite these successes, the building was never used as a health centre, and now sits empty in disputed territory between two villages at war. The reasons for this are complex, and I am currently writing a discussion paper in the hope that others can learn from the mistakes. Check back here for progress or send an email to register your interest.