PhD, RMIT University, 2022

Master of Architecture with Distinction, Curtin University, Western Australia, 2008.

Bachelor of Applied Science, Curtin University, Western Australia, 2005.

Selected Publications, Exhibitions and Conference Papers

Agonistic navigating: exploring and (re)configuring youth participation in design, 2021, PhD, RMIT Research Repository

PhD video presentation, 2021

Creatively Engaging the Community in Urban Planning (Critical Policy Brief), 2020, written with Dekker, K., McCracken, C., Sharp, K., McQuilton, G., Clarke, A., RMIT Centre for Urban Research

Design-Building with Kids, 2018, in The City at Eye Level for Kids, STIPO Publishing

Participatory Design Handbook, 2014, written with Seona Candy

Participatory Process in the Design and Construction of Floating Vegetable Gardens in Cambodia (Conference Presentation), 2013, LINK Festival: Design, Technology, Social Change

Design-thinking for problem solving, towards collaborative approaches (Conference Presentation), 2012, Co-design for Citizen-Centric Service Delivery

Transforming Learning Spaces: Understanding how cross-cultural communication and student participation can shape innovative educational environments (Conference Presentation), 2012, Australian Primary Principal's Association TransTasman Annual Conference, 2012.

Rural Identity, 2009, The Architect, Australian Institute of Architects

Participatory Process in the Design and Construction of Health Facilities in Papua New Guinea (Conference Presentation), 2008, UNESCO Observatory On Multidisciplinary Research In The Arts Conference "Community Health and the Arts; Vital Arts - Vibrant Communities"

'Global Studio' in Zeyrek: a multi-disciplinary, international approach to learning through developing and documenting diverse responses to poverty; UNESCO Observatory On Multidisciplinary Research In The Arts E-Journal, 2008

Design Build: PNG (Exhibition), 2008, Cullity Gallery, Western Australia

Design responses for Indigenous Australia (Exhibition), 2006, UN-Habitat World Urban Forum, Vancouver

People, Places, Situations: Response (Exhibition), 2006, Vancouver

Recognition and Fellowships

UNLEASH Fellow, 2017

Winner, Public Engagement and Community Planning category, WA Planning Institute of Australia (at CoDesign Studio, with UDLA and City of South Perth), 2013.

Social Traders 'The Crunch' social enterprise start-up accelerator program (at CoDesign Studio), 2012.

Architectural design recognition: National Finalist in Glenn Murcutt Prize, 2009 and RAIA and Colorbond Steel Biennale, 2008

Master of Architecture Graduation Prizes: Buchan Group Prize, EG Cohen Medal, 2008.

First Round Winner, World Architecture Community Awards, 2008.

Student Prize for the Advancement of Architecture, RAIA National Awards, 2007.

Student Organised Network for Archicture Vice-President, 2006.

Global Studio Fellow, 2006, 2005.

Curtin Architecture Student Association President, 2005.